373 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore

373 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore

The highly-anticipated WordPress 5.0 arrives with lots of new features while making some of the older WordPress themes obsolete. Grab one of these WordPress themes to make the most of the new and improved WordPress Gutenberg update.

The way we create and publish blog posts and pages using the WordPress editor stayed the same for many years and across many of WordPress updates. Not anymore. With WordPress 5.0, you can now create posts and pages with advanced customization using a block-based editor, dubbed Gutenberg.

What Is Gutenberg?

WordPress 5.0 is one of the biggest software updates to arrive since the WordPress 4.0 release in 2014. With this new version, WordPress is introducing a brand new post and page editor. They call this Gutenberg, named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the first printing press.

Why is this such a big deal? Mainly because Gutenberg completely overhauls the current WordPress editor to bring you a new post editing experience. The new editor features a block-based editing experience, much like a page builder plugin and it will make your posts and pages look more beautiful as well.

As you can imagine, most of the older WordPress themes won’t be compatible with this new post layouts at launch. Unless you have a regularly updated premium theme, you will have to upgrade to a better theme to take full advantage of the WordPress 5.0 and the new editor.

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