Hail Damage FAQ

Thank you for visiting. Because you’re here, it’s probably safe to assume that the recent severe weather storms have left moderate-to-severe hail damage on your vehicles. Before you take action, I believe it’s important get as much education about your options as possible. So, here are a few FAQs and answers about the auto hail damage repair process, known as paintless dent repair.

Paul Brewster, Owner – Painless Dent Repair

Should I file a hail damage claim with my auto insurance provider?

There is no general yes/no answer to this question. For those whose vehicles are five years old or newer, and especially those who are still making payments to a lienholder or leasing their vehicles, the answer is probably, “yes”. At Painless Dent Repair, we offer free at-home consultations for all, to explain all of your options and take the best course of action.

Should I use a dealership, body shop/collision center, or hail damage specialist?

The answer to this question depends on the severity of the damage and the specific customer service expectations you have. For vehicles with a majority of the dents on each panel larger than golf ball-size (large enough for water to collect in the dent), the damage is probably too severe for most paintless dent repair technicians to repair, which means that the panels (hood, roof, etc.) will have to be repaired using conventional paint & body work. You should consider using an established and trusted collision center or dealership, but keep in mind that you will experience longer wait times, longer turnaround times, and more than likely be charged your full deductible. If your damage is light-to-moderate, having 15 or less golf ball-sized dents along with 100 or less smaller dents PER PANEL, then a paintless dent repair specialist is recommended. You’ll be able to have repairs started more quickly, experience a shorter turnaround time for repairs, and usually have your deductible waived, saving you $500-$1,000 out-of-pocket cost on average.

Why are paintless dent repair salesmen knocking on my door?

Just as you need to select a repair facility which best fits your damages’ needs, paintless dent repair specialists prefer to hand-select customers with hail damage that best fits their repair capabilities. An unfortunate side-effect is that homeowners in neighborhoods whose hail damage is best-fitting for paintless dent repair, experience quite a few salesmen soliciting their services. We recommend that you interview and research any options and move forward with someone you’re comfortable trusting your vehicle’s care to, and be confident in the specific paintless dent repair technician(s) who will be performing the repair work.